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Specialist Advice For Medical Professionals

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Building a secure financial future requires a long-term commitment to, and from, your financial adviser. Medical Wealth Advisory’s principles are to: preserve what you have, to plan where you want to go, and implement solutions to get there.

These principles are underpinned by our approach to all planning needs:







Our Simple Process

Our advisory service focuses on you. We use our own process – FUSION – to get to know you, understand where you are now and where you want to go, prior to any commitment, obligation or fees being incurred. This sets the standard for full transparency, which is the basis for all our relationships.


goals & objectives


define engagement


to Identify goals


preferred options


plan & monitor


regularly & adjust


Medical Wealth Advisory is dedicated to helping you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. With extensive experience in developing innovative, integrated strategies that work to deliver on our clients’ objectives, Medical Wealth Advisory’s philosophy is to “prioritise people over products”. Your goals and objectives will always come before any product or service on offer.

Everyone at Medical Wealth Advisory shares this same philosophy. All our actions are measured against: Are we assisting you to achieve the goals and milestones we agreed with you?

Your success is the essence of our business.

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Our Services

With our wide range of financial services, you can be confident that nothing will be overlooked. We work together with your existing relationships and where required are able to include to other financial professionals who work in consultation with us to deliver additional expertise and performance to help achieve your goals.

Whilst the responsibility to deliver the outcomes we agree with you always remains ours, by co-ordinating your entire financial needs and utilising your existing accounting relationships we can achieve significantly more for you.

What our clients experience

This fusion process is amazing. We’ve gotten to know Geoff and get a clear understanding on where we want to go before making a commitment. It’s so refreshing for a company to not be selling you something or having their hand in your pocket before they understand what you want to achieve.


I look forward to my review meetings with Geoff, it’s so motivating to see how we are tracking against our targets.


What I enjoy about my relationship with Geoff is he’s always upfront with me and explained from the start how things work. He views educating his clients as part of his process, so we can have insightful conversations every time we catch up.



Strategy. Structure. Solution.

Medical Wealth Advisory is an exclusive service, dedicated to helping medical professionals reach their financial goals and objectives through innovative strategies, structures and solutions. We are here to help you to achieve to financial flexibility now and financial freedom later.

We have a significant understanding of the Australian medical profession and the evolving health care industry. It’s this expertise that allows us to provide services tailored to cover all your financial needs.

We offer the complete financial solution, in a transparent and long-term relationship, where all the elements of your financial plan are structured to work together, ensuring you can continue to focus on providing your patients with high quality care.

geoff aitken

Geoff Aitken is an experienced financial professional, with over 25 years in the industry. He has a long track record in helping medical professionals to take control of their finances whilst maintaining their lifestyle.

His depth of knowledge and commitment to ongoing client education when combined with his focus on providing a high-level service makes a measurable difference for his clients.

Geoff works closely with his clients, exploring the opportunities to achieve their goals and objectives by identifying the strategies and structures needed to deliver the right financial solution.

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