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Life is busy as a medical professional. Your time is often stretched with meeting patient needs and possibly running a busy practice. This often results in less time for some of the other important things in life, like enjoying activities with family & friends.

This lack of time can unfortunately also impact on the monitoring and performance of your financial plans. This can result in your overpaying for things you don’t need, like excessive insurance cover or receiving inferior returns, from things like Super balances left earning little to no bank interest.

Medical Wealth Advisory understands the impact these imbalances can have on your career, forcing you to have to work harder, for longer and under more pressure, to realise your financial goals.

That’s why we have developed a specialised service for medical professionals with solutions specific to your industry and career stage, across a wide range of financial services.

Our extended hours service means we are available to assist on a day and time that suits your busy schedule, allowing you to get back to enjoying the important things in your life.

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